B3 Works

A simple shell written in OCaml + Lex + Yacc. Just a toy for learning.
Our team KEIO-ICS participated in the CORSMAL challenge 2021.

B2 Works

An Optimized Misskey Client App for iOS.
A service to tweet your latest progress report for AtCoder. Written in Typescript with Nuxt.js
PortSnippet monitors source codes and automatically generates snippets.
Only for VS Code!

B1 Works

A flexible TabBarController library with search tab like SNKRS, written in pure swift.
iCimulator simulates camera functions on iOS Simulator with images, videos, or your MacBook Camera.
A lightweight TextView where can be attached any UIView.
A tweak that enables your Apple Watch to show a third-party incoming call. Released on Packix. Thanks for 7222 Downloads!!

Recent Articles

「字が汚いねと君に言われて、僕は救われた気がしたんだ」 ── 僕の無意識は、この経験をテムズ川の深いところから、音も立てずに掬い上げてきた...
先日, 研究室の勉強会でこの本のGibbs Samplingの章(9.3.4)を担当しました. 実際にpythonで実装してみたりしたので...