B3 Works

Our team KEIO-ICS participated in the CORSMAL challenge 2021. Our solution won "capacity and dimensions estimation", "filling mass estimation", and "container capacity estimation"!

Our paper was accepted and published in ICASSP 2022. (equal contributor)
A simple shell written in OCaml + Lex + Yacc. Just a toy for learning.

B2 Works

An Optimized Misskey Client App for iOS.
A service to tweet your latest progress report for AtCoder. Written in Typescript with Nuxt.js
PortSnippet monitors source codes and automatically generates snippets.
Only for VS Code!

B1 Works

A flexible TabBarController library with search tab like SNKRS, written in pure swift.
iCimulator simulates camera functions on iOS Simulator with images, videos, or your MacBook Camera.
A lightweight TextView where can be attached any UIView.
A tweak that enables your Apple Watch to show a third-party incoming call. Released on Packix. Thanks for 7222 Downloads!!

Recent Articles

「字が汚いねと君に言われて、僕は救われた気がしたんだ」 ── 僕の無意識は、この経験をテムズ川の深いところから、音も立てずに掬い上げてきた...
先日, 研究室の勉強会でこの本のGibbs Samplingの章(9.3.4)を担当しました. 実際にpythonで実装してみたりしたので...
プログラムを書くことと小説を執筆することは似ている. けれども, 滔々と流れゆく記号列を操作するという相似形の作用線において, 両者には決定的に異なる特性が一つだけある ─ それは...